How to Organize Your Grimoire

Have you ever bought a journal with plans to turn it into a beautiful grimoire? Something directly out of the 90s show “Charmed”? But you have no idea where to start, and when you do – you accidentally mess up the pages, scrapping the book and allowing it to collect dust on your shelf.

Almost every witch has been there. Its not easy to make a grimoire. In fact, I’ve been struggling making one for about five years. I am a perfectionist, meaning that if something isn’t to my exact liking – I often just give up on it all together.

Finishing a grimoire can often take months, or even years. It’s definitely not an easy process. But luckily, I am here to guide you through it! After years of struggling, I have finally found a plan that any neat-freak witch (such as myself) can use to map out their grimoires.

What is a grimoire?

Most witches would define a grimoire as a place where a witch keeps their information and spells. A grimoire can be a lot of things, and there is no limit or set rules to what you can put in it. Many witches use it to write down spells, record dreams, or even journal. What you want your grimoire to be is up to you.

For me, personally, I use my grimoire as a reference book. A book of knowledge. This means that my grimoire is where I keep all my magickal correspondences and basic information. If I’m creating a spell, I just need to flip through my grimoire to find the ingredients and tools I need.

So where do I record my spells?

I record my spells in my book of shadows. I consider my book of shadows to be more personal to my craft than my grimoire – that is where I keep my spells, rituals, and potions.


How to get started.

Choose how you want to keep your journal. Some witches use a journal, some use a spiral notebook, and others make online grimoires! I personally keep a thick faux leather journal, as I like adding a lot of information.

Are you also adding a lot of content? Then I would recommend numbering your pages. Numbering your pages gives you structure, meaning you could add a table of contents or index to your grimoire. Its important to gather information, or at least be aware of the information you want to gather before you start your grimoire – that way you will know how many pages and what type of grimoire you should opt for.

Are you decorating your grimoire?

Some witches prefer to draw or doodle in their grimoires, but not all of us are great artists!

Some things you can use to decorate your grimoire (that don’t require artistic skills) are:

  • pressed flowers
  • stamps
  • scrapbook paper
  • stickers
  • sequins

Some witches also stain their grimoire pages with tea or coffee, giving it a more “aged” look. Some add protective sigils or pentagrams. The more energy you put into your grimoire, the more powerful it will become.

So how do I organize it?

Starting out with a template really helped me. I bought a spiral notebook to “map out” my grimoire and created a table of contents for what I wanted the book to consist of, making it structured and organized. I recommend doing this as well.

However, for those of you who want to get started right away – I made a template to help you stay organized.

Once you have mapped out your pages and created your table of contents, its time to start adding your information. I gave you some ideas with the template above, but you can fill out your grimoire with anything you like.


Anything else I need to know?

Putting together a grimoire can be tricky, so do not be too hard on yourself. Most of us do not get it right the first time, your grimoire will evolve with the more knowledge and experience you gain in your craft.

If you have any questions make sure to contact me, I would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Grimoire

  1. I am learning at the moment. My mother doesn’t allow another religion in her house, nut where would you put the self rite initiation and have you made your own sigils. If you have, did you charge it with your energy or did It have its own energy.


    1. I would get a lockbox if possible and put all the info you want into your grimoire and just lock it up if you’re worried about her seeing the self rite initiation ritual. And all sigil shave their own energy yes bc it’s a symbol and it has intent, but you have to charge them for them to gain the energy you want/need to carry out the desired intent. Ways of charging a sigil can include, burning the paper in candle flame to activate, staring into candle flame then close your eyes and imagine the sigil with that orb of light caused by staring into the flame, imagine the sigil while climaxing (orgasming), imagining the sigil while at the peak of pain (slightly burning yourself with candle flame & obviously proceed with caution. The point is to get your energy at a high level, at its peak, so you activate the sigil. You do not want to hurt yourself too bad, only enough to make your energy spike.) even pinching yourself. Uhm there’s lots of ways but most people (from what I’ve seen) use methods of using their own energy to charge and activate sigils. It all depends on personal preference and intent.


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