How to Write Your Own Spell | A Step By Step Guide to Crafting Your Own Spell

I have been practicing the craft for many years, and when I was a beginner I definitely wasn’t writing my own spells. Instead, I would reference a witchy book or a tumblr post. 

There is nothing bad about using someone else’s spells. In fact, I recommend it for beginners or baby witches (as we usually call them in the witch community). It gets you familiar with all the tools, and helps you grow as a witch.

However, throughout the years I have observed that the spells I craft myself always manifest as being the most potent and powerful. There are many ways to write a spell, and every witch has their own methods. I want to show and teach you the method I use, and why it’s proven to be the most effective for me.

Always start with intention

What do you wish to accomplish with this spell? Maybe you are wishing for prosperity, looking for a new lover, or hoping for a raise. Intention is the most important component of any spell, and being as clear and specific as possible always helps!


Gather your materials and tools.

After settling on a specific purpose, you can now gather your materials and tools by intent. Some traditional materials and tools used during spellwork include crystals, herbs, water, oils, and candles. Of course, references to correspondences and magickal properties are useful during this part. If you are creating a spell targeted at a certain someone, an item of theirs (or one that represents them) or a photo would be a good material to use.

I always recommend keeping a grimoire, which stores all of the information you need. You can fill your grimoire with correspondences on crystals, herbs, oils, types of water, candles, and more. For tips and tricks on how to organize your grimoire (for my fellow neat freaks), I wrote a whole blog post about it here!

Choose your timing.

This part is optional, but I definitely recommend it.

Timing is always essential when it comes to my spells. I like to carefully plan out the weekday and time of day by intention. For example, if I am creating a spell to draw money towards me – I perform the spell on Thursday during midday, because Thursday (ruled by Jupiter) represents abundance and midday is all about growth and prosperity. I created a few grimoire pages on “Magickal Times” which you can find here.


Plan your spell. 

What type of spell are you casting? Are you casting a curse, charming an object, or maybe making a spell bottle? Are you using a chant or incantation? Mapping out your spell in your grimoire is a great idea, you can reference it (much like a recipe) as you are performing it. 

Document your results.

Documenting the results will not only help you grow as a witch, but also help you understand witchcraft better. Be sure to include how long the spell took to take effect, and any milestones you noticed. This is completely up to you, but if you wish to share your spell with others – you can do that as well. 

If your spell hasn’t manifested within a month (unless you intended for it to be a long term spell), it might be a good idea to revisit. A spell not manifesting properly usually has to do with the caster being distracted, so make sure that your focus is strong! Remember that magick is an amplifier, and that often you have to take necessary steps to set the foundation for your spell to work (applying for a job, signing up for a dating site, etc.)

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